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I buy A lot of things on Amazon and am not always impressed with the reviews and am often still left undecided about whether or not I should purchase the item. I then start to see similar products and begin to research those. This often leads to a world of confusion and frustration further complicating the decision-making process. 

Here is where this site becomes of use to you. Instead of looking through the countless similar products, let me do the ground work for you by researching and providing you with the best options for a specific product. I'll then lay out all the details and try to answer any questions one may have when comparing products. I'll provide the pros and the cons of each item, as well as durability, quality, ease of use, what type of person might benefit from it the most, how the product measures up to other comparable alternatives and finally, the golden question, will this product be worth your money?

I promise you that all the reviews on this website are true and accurate. I will never post a review on a product I do not own and have not fully tested myself. With that said, GO! Read, shop, smile, live!
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